Project meeting 4: Mytilene, Greece 2015

The 4th transnational project meeting took place in Mytilene, Lesvos, Greece from 5th to 9th October 2015.
Teachers and pupils from the Spanish and Lithuanian partner schools visited Lesvos, in order to present their currant state of work.
The Spanish team cosisted of 2 teachers and 7 pupils, while the Lithuanian team was 2 teachers and 5 pupils.
During the visit, representatives of the three project teams, discussed in details various aspects of the project and the problems they have to face in order to complete their project missions.
Also technical experts from the University of the Aegean, was present in the meeting, and discussed with the pupils technical aspects of the work, and adviced them about the next steps that has to be followed.

Apart from the project work, the project teams visited the Petrified forest of Sigri, the traditional village of Molyvos, the University of the Aegean and also a traditional pottery factory.
Finally the project teams was accepted at the Town Hall, where the Mayor of Mytilene welcomed our visitors.